WWDC 2019

At the June meeting (held on Friday the 14th) we talked about Apple’s many announcments from the recent WWDC including iPadOS, macOS Catalina the new Mac Pro and Pro Display XDR. Read on for further details and links.


We discussed many of the announcements made by Apple at WWDC 2019. Topics that raised particular interest and discussion included:

  • iPad OS usability improvements including multi-window split view, widgets on the home screen and fast scrolling.
  • iTunes replacement with Music, Podcasts and TV apps in macOS Catalina.
  • Sign in with Apple and other security and privacy improvements.
  • The Mac Pro and Pro Display XDR.
  • Improved Maps with “Look Around”.

Q&A: iMac Fusion Drive

In our Q&A segment, a member asked about his iMac with Fusion drive which is failing to boot with a crossed out disk icon. He reported a period of slow performance prior to the failure. The member told us he could see two drives when troubleshooting the issue using Disk Utility. We advised basic troubleshooting steps including attempting first aid in disk utitilty and also found an Apple article How to fix a split Fusion Drive which may be helpful.

Q&A: Screenshot

A member had previously asked about taking screenshots in macOS Mojave, he told us he had a screenshot icon on his dock but when he tried to use it got stuck on a situation where a portion of the screen was highlighted with no obvious way to cancel the operation. After some investigation we determined that he was using the new Screenshot utility in Mojave (which has replaced the old Grab) and had selected the “Record Selected Portion” option. With that selected, when you click Record a video of the screen is recorded. During this process the Screenshot interface is hidden and there’s not an obvious way to stop.

The solution to this problem is to click the stop icon in the menu bar (which is only shown while recording) when you are finished recording.

News Discussion

Our Apple news discussion covered: