Apple Let Loose Event

At our 10th May meeting we talked about the announcements at Apple’s recent “Let Loose” event including new iPads and the Apple Pencil Pro.

Let Loose

We discussed Apple’s announcements from their “Let Loose” event held on the 7th of May:

There are lots of detailed differences between the iPad and Apple Pencil models. Apple have useful comparison charts for both the iPad and on the Apple Pencil page.

Member Topics

  • DaveK mentioned the new series of Doctor Who, available from the 11th of May on iPlayer.
  • DavidB mentioned Bit Warden, a password manager available across multiple devices which is free for personal use.
  • Ben mentioned the Beastgrip x SanDisk creators kit, an iPhone bracket that allows an SSD to be mounted to the phone for additional storage.
  • Alan asked about replacing the battery in a Magic Mouse 2. We found the process is quite involved, iFixit have a detailed guide.