News, Tips and Topics

At our 26th April meeting, we talked about recent Apple news, some iPhone tips and members shared several topics.


Robert shared a number of tips he’d found recently:

  • Using the white point accessibility settings to dim your iPhone screen further in very dark environments.
  • This article also highlights to multiple accesibility functions can be configured as accessibility shortcuts (accessed by triple clicking the power button).
  • We discussed the usefulness of the magnifier feature which is the default shortcut.
  • Air Pods tips and tricks including Audio sharing, Live Listen, Announcing notifications and renaming Air Pods.
  • Also for Air Pods, Apple have videos highlighting the Conversation awareness and boost features.
  • Accessing recent files from the iPhone home screen using the Files widget.

Duolingo Music

DaveK showed us the new music learning course added to Duolingo.


Member Topics