Tot and More

At our 29th March meeting, we looked at the note taking app Tot and Robert shared some tips. Members also discussed recent Apple news and other topics.


Robert had been trying Tot, a simple note taking and text management app designed for temporary notes.

Tot is available free on the Mac app store and can also sync to the paid iPhone/iPad version via iCloud.


  • The setting for the default web browser on Mac can be found the System Settings/Desktop & Dock.
  • In Finder you can change the folder background in icon view using View/Show view options. In list view there’s a setting in the view options to “Calculate all sizes” which will show the size of folders as well as files.
  • Also in Finder, selecting a file and holding the Alt key while copying (Command-C) will copy the full file path to the clipboard.

Apple News

We discussed recent Apple news including:

Member Topics