WiFi 6/6E

At this meeting, held on 1st March, Robert talked about the newer WiFi 6 standards supported by recent iPhones and Macs. Members also discussed a number of other topics.

WiFi 6E

Robert talked about the WiFi 6 and the newer 6E standards. 6E is supported by iPhone 15 models and most 2023 Macs.

He covered:

  • Advantages of WiFi 6 and 6E.
  • Which Apple products support the different standards.
  • What UK Internet providers offer a WiFi 6E router, currently Vodaphone seems to be the only one.
  • Using a 3rd party router.
  • Checking your current WiFi standard (on newer macOS versions the Wifi icon may be located in Control Centre).

WiFi 6 is supported by iPhone 11 and later and Apple Silicon Macs. Apple have a support article about WiFi 6E including what products support it.

The WiFi 6 Wikipedia article has more general and technical information.

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