Vision Pro Details

At our 19th January meeting, we talked about the details of the soon to be released Apple Vision Pro. Members also discussed other topics and shared suggestions.

Apple Vision Pro

We talked about the wealth of new details that have been revealed in the run up to Apple Vision Pro’s 2nd February launch in the US. Including:

Mac Rumors have a roundup of Vision Pro information.

Apple have released a “Get Ready” ad and a video showing how the Vision Pro is made.

Member Topics

  • DavidB mentioned the film Killers of the Flower Moon on Apple TV+.
  • Ben mentioned that in iMovie the first clip you add sets the resolution of the project so this can be the cause of limited export resolution options. Here’s a YouTube video that explains how to overcome this.
  • DaveK asked about how to extend the time an iPhone stays unlocked. We found the optons for this in Settings/Display & Brightness/Auto Lock.
  • DaveK gave us an update on his use of Reminders, pointing out how creating a smart list with the same name as a tag will automatically give you the option to include reminders with that tag. With this in place, sections can be added to the smart list, something that’s not possible in tag view.
  • Alan pointed out the sort option for playlists in Music on Mac (it’s also possible on iOS). This allows the songs in the playlist to be quickly sorted in a number of ways.