iOS 14 and Other WWDC 2020 News

At this online meeting (held on the 26th June) we talked about iOS 14 and some of the other news from Apple’s 2020 World Wide Developer Conference.

iOS 14

There were lots of announcements at Apple’s 2020 World Wide Developer Conference, at this meeting we concentrated on iOS 14.

DaveK talked about these features in particular:

  • Updated Widgets which now come in multiple sizes and can be placed on the iOS home screen.
  • App Clips, a small part of an app that’s quickly discoverable via a link, QR code or physical NFC tag.
  • The App library which allows decluttering of home screens and makes it easier to find your apps.
  • Updated apps including Photos and Notes, many of which now have a side bar.
  • Improvements to Messages including pinned contacts.

Apple have a detailed overview of the new features in iOS 14.

Apple Silicon

Apple announced they are moving the Mac from Intel processors to their own custom silicon chips. We discussed this major change, its advantages and the steps Apple are taking to ensure a smooth transition for users and developers.

Apple have more information on the move to Apple Silicon.

You can watch the complete WWDC Keynote.

If you’re not up for the full presentation, John recommended Serenity Caldwell’s summary video that’s less than 2 minutes long.

With so much announced we’ll cover more at future meetings.