Sign in with Apple and More

At our online meeting on Friday 12th June we had a presentation about Sign in with Apple and chatted about various other topics.

Sign in with Apple

Robert gave a presentation on Sign in with Apple, Apple’s service that allows you to create accounts and sign in to third party apps and websites using your Apple ID. This means you don’t need to create a new password each time, and are in control of what data is shared with the service from Apple (which includes hiding your email address).

Apple have a support article on using Sign in with Apple.


We discussed Zoom’s recent announcement that they are working on end to end encryption for meetings but this will only be available on paid accounts.

DavidB suggested this episode of Security Now on This Week in Tech

Robert mentioned this article from the Electronic Frontier Foundation:
Will Zoom Bring Encryption to the People Who Need It Most?

Apple Watch

DavidB mentioned that he had trouble updating his Apple Watch series 2 to the recently released WatchOS version 6.2.6. He found that he had to go into Settings on the Watch and choose General/Software Update before it would be applied.

Apple have details on updating your Apple Watch.